Ohio State Beekeepers Certified Master Beekepeer Program


This is a new program being introduced by the Ohio State Beekeepers Association in 2012.  Over 100 individuals had a hand in creating the present documents that make up the program.


The Ohio Master Beekeeper Program is an intensive four step program – A beginning/Apprentice level, a journey (man or woman) level, a Masters level, and a Master Instructor Level. Certification by OSBA is designed to give participants the opportunity to increase their beekeeping knowledge. OSBA will provide certificates to all individuals who complete the requirements for each individual level. Instruction will be provided through a number of class/seminar/workshops certified by OSBA. OSBA will attempt to establish four centers where training for the advanced journey (man or woman) level and master levels will be held on a rotating schedule to allow members throughout Ohio to take classes closer to home.


It has been designed by Ohio Beekeepers for Ohio Beekeepers. There is an awareness that certified beekeeping instructors that are responsible, knowledgeable and skilled in beekeeping techniques are needed to teach others about beekeeping. Keep in mind that this is a new program and all new programs have growing pains. The Ohio Plan involves local beekeeping associations working with the Ohio State Beekeepers Association. Thus, the Ohio State Beekeeping Association will recognize beginning bee class instruction given by local associations that meet the standard set by the OSBA Board of Directors to be eligible for admission into the Apprentice Level of the OSBA Program, and give local associations an opportunity to seek endorsement by OSBA for workshops and seminars they sponsor to count for credit hours toward the Journey Level for those enrolled in the Ohio State Master Beekeeping Program.


To be involved in this program, one needs to be a member of OSBA.


To find out more about the program, Click on the OSBA link below


Types of Bees


Common Honeybees

Buckfast (Hybrid)





Russian (Hybrid)

Other Bees

Other Stinging Insects

Fair Information

Summit County Fair


Fair Help Guides, Entry Forms

Fair Exhibition Guide, Fair Winners,

State Fair Premium Book,

Summit Co Premium Book


Please note the above information will be posted as it becomes available for the current year

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Extractor Use


For SCBA Members current on dues


One of the perks of becoming a member of the Summit County Beekeepers Association is that members of the club are welcome to utilize the clubs honey extractor.  If you are interested please contact:


Almuth Koby

(330) 678-6849


There is a sign out sheet and it must be returned cleaned per the intructions provided with the extractor.  In addition, the following are also included with the use of the extractor:


Electric Uncapping Knife

Uncapping Tank

Honey Storage Bucket

Filters for Honey

Uncapping Fork


Video on What you get with borrowing the extractor!/photo.php?v=4471064740948


Instructions for using SCBA Extraction equipment:


Place frames end to end in cage, top bar turned to the outside. Four medium or shallow frames, or tow deeps.

Place lids on top.

Spin slowly at first. Increase speed as honey spins out.

Always leave honey gate open when spinning honey out. Put honey bucket with filters on top under the open gate to catch the honey. Make sure the valve (gate) on the bucket is closed.

When done clean up with soap and water. Then disinfect with bleach solution or denatured alcohol. Air dry.

Do not take apart.

Do not use warm water on filters, it melts the wax and makes it stick.

Observation Hive


For Information concerning use of the Observation Hive

Please contact Greg Bokan :

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SCBA Bylaws... pdf