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The purpose of this association shall be to promote beekeeping generally,

to broaden knowledge of beekeeping among its members, to foster the best practices

as well as techniques in apiary management and to

promote general interest and advancement

in all areas of bee culture.

1st meeting of 2019...THIS Thursday March 7th at 7pm.

Speaker Rob Gillam on the Queen & Queen Rearing

***Pickup of hive boxes and $20 Blue Sky Gift Cards. (Please read details below)


Rob will speak on the importance of the queen and grafting in the most natural way. Rob is a man of great knowledge and experience with bees and his humility reaches each and every listener! You will gain a better understanding of the queen and queen rearing. This will be fruitful to new and experienced beekeepers in their backyard hives.

Rob will be bringing mating nucs (5 frame nuc boxes) grafting tools, grafting frames and a few more items that you will enjoy learning about!


*** For those that have ordered hive boxes from Rob, please come early at 5:30 for pick up. This is a very generous offer by Rob to deliver your orders. He will also have extra supplies in case you wish to purchase prior to the meeting.


*** Pick up your $20 gift cards that were gifted by Blue Sky Bee Supply, for those that have renewed their membership or signed up as a new member during month of February.

(For those that missed this opportunity....a nice surprise is waiting for you!!)


When: Thursday March 7th, 2019 at 7-9pm

Where: Lions Park Lodge 641 Silver Lake Ave., Cuyahoga Falls., Ohio 44221


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