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SCBA Apiary 

February 28, 2023

The association has three active hives at Crown Point in Bath. History of these three hives is they were all started as either a package or a split in the Spring of 2022. They built up well during the season. All honey was left on the hives. All three colonies were treated with Formic Pro in August and October, then Oxalic Acid Drip at the end of December. A shim was added to make space to add sugar brick and winter patties. The hives are not wrapped this year. For upper insulation, a piece of hard insulating foam was placed on top of each hive and held down with a large brick or rock. They have been checked every 3-4 weeks for activity and to check the sugar brick and winter patties. I have had to supplement the sugar and patties a couple of times since January.

On Sunday, February 26th I checked the hives at Crown Point. There are three active colonies. The top covers were removed to check for population size, activity, and food stores. The bees in all three colonies are on the top frames of the hives and eating the supplemental food. Two needed additional sugar bricks and winter patties added. The third still had a good supply of both. The two in the field look really strong with a high population. They are the two that needed additional food added. The third on the hill seems smaller but it has been active when I have been there. It did not need more food added.

I plan to do another check on food stores in about two weeks depending on the weather.