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How to use the On The Spot (OTS) method to have a self-sustainable apiary

John Schwartz lives in Solon, OH,  and is married with six children ages 11 to 25. John and his family originate from the West Coast (most recently Alaska) before moving to Ohio in 2011. His day job is a digital manager and beekeeping is something that keeps him sane on the side. He began beekeeping in 2004 in Oregon and now has a small blog and provides nucs for local NE Ohio beekeepers which you can find at http://thebee.farm or join his OTS Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/otsbeekeeping/. John enjoys helping beekeepers become self-sufficient and can always be reached via email with questions at johnschwartz@gmail.com.

As the season progresses, bees begin to grow exponentially with the flow of nectar and pollen. For newer beekeepers, inspecting your bees once they have multiplied in size can be intimidating for a newer beekeeper. Learn how to inspect your colonies mid season, how to prevent swarming, when do you feed your bees and the necessities of understanding your queen and how to find her.

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Event Information
Speaker – John Schwartz
Topic – How to use the On The Spot (OTS) method to have a self-sustainable apiary

When – Thursday, June 25th at 6:00 PM
Where – The comfort of your own home
Seat Availability – 100 seats are available