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“Virtual Book Signing?”
Dr. Caron Dewey


The Complete Bee Handbook

From backyard beekeeping to bee-centric foods and home goods, there’s no end to humankind’s fascination with bees. The Complete Bee Handbook is a compelling read and easy-to-use reference, packed with practical and thought-provoking information for new bee lovers and seasoned beekeepers alike.

Explore the past, present, and future of bees, including their evolution, their ever-critical role as pollinators, and the ongoing threats that jeopardize their survival. Then, discover a short and sweet cultural history of beekeeping, the numerous applications of bee products, and tips on how you can support your local bee population.

This fascinating book about bees includes:

  • The life of the honey bee—Take a captivating look into the mind of the honey bee hive, and learn about the various roles bees play to help their colony function and thrive.
  • Bee-friendly gardening—Get simple advice for cultivating a garden that attracts bees, from preferred plants to fun DIY accessories.
  • Buzzworthy recipes—Try your hand at creative recipes for bee lovers, from mead, to baklava, to beeswax soap and candles.

Discover everything you wanted to know about bees—and more—with The Complete Bee Handbook!

Thursday, December 3rd – Premier author / speaker TBA @ 7pm.

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Event Information
Presenter – Dr. Dewey Caron
Topic – 
The Complete Bee Handbook
When – Thursday, Dec 3rd at 7:00PM
Where – The comfort of your own home – A zoom link will be sent on the day of the event.